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Usborne Puzzle Adventures

Hi there bookworms!

There are a lot of great puzzle books out there, but one certain series that stood out for me was the Usborne Puzzle Adventures. Even though these books were older than me, they had a great ring to them that would stay even if they were a century old.

The series started out in 1984 with Escape From Blood Castle and originally made 25 books altogether.


Although all of them were really good, some of them were really really great. There was obviously lots of effort taken to draw the illustrations (a good example is the two similar maps in the first book – Graham Round drew the map twice).

The plots were original and well crafted. Even though some of the puzzles were chicken feet, the other good ones made up for it. Some books I enjoyed the most were –





Tell me if you’ve read them and which one is your favourite!

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